Kenda Newbury

Kenda Newbury

~AZ Dance Group Founder and Artistic Director
~Creator/Director of AZDance's Movement E-Motion
~Phoenix, AZ

Kenda Newbury”, classically trained by Kelly Brown of the Phoenix School of Ballet and American Ballet Theatre (ABT), Chicago Lyric & Hubbard Street, holds an MFA in Dance from The Boston Conservatory. Influential coaches/instructors have included Luigi, Frank Hatchett, Alvin Ailey, Jelko Yuresha (“The Ambassador of Dance” from the English National Ballet), Jurgen Schneider from ABT and Monsieur Mikhail Messerer from the Bolshoi Ballet, to name a few. She performed with Phoenix Ballet (Martin’s), Arizona Metropolitan Ballet, Ballet de Americas, Ballet West, Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble, Chicago Lyric, SK2, private choreographers in LA, Chicago and NYC and as a principal and swing dancer on the P&O Cruise Ships, amongst others..

“Miss Kenda” is a former ballet instructor of Boston Ballet, has developed several children’s and collegiate dance programs including Boston College, Phoenix School of Ballet, assisted Boston Ballet and coached the BC dance teams. Her choreographic credits are varied and include co-choreographer of Super Bowl XXX Radio City Half-Time Show with Diana Ross, choreographer Marguerita Bowls, Bowls, large-scale productions of both entertainment and concert dance industries and numerous industrials including NBC, Porsche, Bright Horizons and more. Currently she coaches privately, teaches at Royal Dance Works, develops grants, creates for, and teaches participants of her Movement E-Motion (MEM) dance program for developmentally/physically disabled populations, teaches an Albanian group of ladies, and started a ballet-only class for differently abled dancers.

Kenda is the founder/artistic director of AZDance Group, a professional nonprofit dance company which integrates all populations with professional & pre-professional dancers.

She is married to Paul O’Brien and has two children, Shaeleigh & Colin. She thanks each of her dancers, each of the company’s supporters and each audience member who has believed in the purpose and impact that AZDance Group has made on communities of all ages. Support. Inspire. Accept. Integrate. Educate. Donate.

Lifetime SAI, ACNV, American Quarter Horse Association, Sacred Dance Guild, Arizona Dance Alliance,, Alliance for the Arts, Boston Dance Alliance

Former Board Member (Founding Member) of Arts Council of the North Valley.

Former Advisory Board Member of: Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble; Former Committee Member; Regional Director of the International Sacred Dance Guild; former founding board member, secretary & VP of Arizona Dance Coalition

Former Instructor/Professor of Dance:
Phoenix School of Ballet
Maricopa County Community College District (SCC, PC, PVCC)
Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education
Boston College
Boston University (substitute)
Pineapple Studio, England
The Studio, Australia